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LEPUS BOOKS is an indie cooperative publisher established by comics writer Jamie Delano.
While initially intended as a imprint solely for his own prose work, Lepus Books has now extended its remit to offer access to works which, overlooked by the mainstream, nonetheless appeal to Delano’s own idiosyncratic taste and, in his opinion, deserve an audience.
Currently the platform is available by invitation only. Please do not send unsolicited submissions.
LEPUS BOOKS is happy to supply independent booksellers and comic shops, and our authors are available to offer support with signings and/or readings. Please CONTACT us for details.


“Writing For The Hell Of It” contains samples of all books published by Lepus Books to 2016

Please help yourself and enjoy

Written by Jamie Delano, Alistair Fruish, A.William James, Richard Foreman, Deborah Delano
year: 2016
page count:94 approx
age range: 15+
file size: 2 MB
file type: PDF

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