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I am K-Murdock (@Neosonix) and I be a music producer, audio engineer & self-proclaimed "sound samurai" ...
Producer of the group PANACEA... a co-host of radio's progressive hip-hop show SUBSONiQ... an avid gamer, a collector of (jap)anime, AND... a proud Chicago Bears fan since '85!


iMANGANation Vol.1


"I been a fan of anime almost as long as i been a fan of hip-hop music, and i know many out there share both affinities as well! Thus, in an effort to promote both my music and predilection for good anime, i used my imagination to fuse the two together in a new series i aptly call: "i-MANGA-Nation". The idea started when i posted a beat i did on my myspace page 2 years ago "flipping" clips (lol) from the anime series "Naruto"...

Listeners loved it so much that they demanded more, so i finally put aside a week and did it- i created a whole project! I went back thru countless DVDS, of some of my favorite anime movies & series, pulling poignant clips to then blend with some of my own known (and unknown) instrumentals to make this project come to life! Naturally, i wanted a visual aspect to compliment the music, so i collaborated with fellow anime-heads Pointblank, for the artwork, and my man Miguel aka Suckafish80, who made the DOPE AMV (below) using a track off the project...

To sum it up- If you enjoy the series "Samurai Champloo", then you'll appreciate what I'm doing with "iMANGANation" ... hopefully ;)


Compiled, Produced & Mixed By: K-Murdock for Neosonic Productions.

year: 2009
age range: 15+
file type & size: MP3 - 320 (138mb)