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BIO Last Updated 2011:

junclassic began rhyming in the cafeteria and street corner ciphers in 1994. After learning the power of a good punchline and a forceful, abrasive delivery, jun began recording at a friend’s crib in 1997. After amassing dozens of songs, jun linked up with fellow emcee K-Sise (known as Ntrospekt back then) and formed the group Dynamix. Prior to the formation of the group, the two emcees along with a friend released a 12 inch called “F*ck Giuliani” on Clockwork Productions.

After ripping virtually every NYC Hip Hop showcase and performance space between 2000 and 2002 K-Sise and Junclassic pressed up volume 1 of their Shock N Aweseries. Volume 1 received 3 and a half stars in the popular street publication Music Notes. In 2004 jun and K released volume 2 of their Shock N Awe campaign. Shortly thereafter Jun met MF GRIMM and submitted the Shock N Awe series to GRIMM. GRIMM was impressed by the music and inducted Jun and K-Sise into the Monsta Island Czars collective. jun and K were also brought into the business infrastructure at Day By Day Entertainment. It was here where junclassic learned the business of distribution and promotion.

After making an appearance on MF GRIMM’s triple CD American Hunger in 2006, junclassic started his own label Classified Recordings LLC in 2007 and completely produced and released his debut album 2 Much Ain’t Enuff on July 14, 2007 with “no features and no samples”. The album received a small amount of press but not nearly the kind that jun had hoped for. jun changed the game plan, getting his good friend l8sho to completely produce his 2nd album Overqualified. Released on October 21, 2008, Overqualified received press coverage in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Hip Hop Connection in the U.K.,,, and a host of websites worldwide. The album was heralded as “beautifully bizarre” and widely praised for its creativity and uniqueness.

On January 20, 2009, junclassic released his 3rd album Late Nites and Early Mournings (dubbed as an EP at the time) for free digitally. The album was regarded as jun’s best work to date and praised for its candid lyrics and powerful production. jun followed up the release with his first mixtape Southside’s Savior on July 20, 2009. Presented by Dub MD, Southside’s Savior accrued over 13,000 downloads in less than two weeks. The work was praised by various websites as one of the best mixtapes of the year, featuring jacked beats from established and underground artists as well as several original productions.
Imaginary Enemies, junclassic’s 4th album, was released by Classified Recordings on October 8, 2009. Receiving 3 and half X’s by and 4 and a half crowns out of 6 by Juice Magazine in Germany, the album was again heralded as jun’s best work to date, exhibiting candid lyrics of pain and turmoil by jun and pounding drums and moving production by sole album producer Husky.

The year 2010 went by quietly with little musical output from junclassic, save the release of his second mixtape Mornings Was HashBrowns presented by DJ Tre Unda,,, and of course Classified Recordings LLC. Officially leaving the Monsta Island Czars collective in November 2010 with homie K-Sise aka Monsta X, Jun has focused his attention on various upcoming projects. In July 2011, jun released the EP Mode 7 with European production duo Jazz Spastiks on HiPNOTT Records..