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Superior's - The Journey - OUT NOW!!


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"The Journey" is a showcase of the brilliant production work of Spanish-German artist, Superior. His approach combines Golden Era instrumentals with a lineup of guest emcees who deliver sharp rhymes that touch on everything from bully raps to thoughtful introspection. 

Superior's intentions are clear right out of the gate with opener "Make The World Go", a slapper with insights from two living underground legends in Blu and Edo G. From there, the instrumentals and features both keep the album balanced, tightly constructed, and flowing seamlessly. That goes for whether Superior serves up a teeth-gritting banger like "Rapper Shot", featuring Don Streat, Termanology, Lil Fame, and DJ Grazzhoppa, or a soulful reflection on life like "Open Letter", featuring Lyric Jones. 

The Journey's cohesion says a lot about not only Superior's talents as a producer, but as an artist with a clear vision. No surprise, then, that his love of the music and the culture run deep. As a child growing up in the late '80s, Superior got his start in Hip-Hop first a B-Boy, after soaking in everything from old school Funk and Soul, to groundbreaking rap acts like Public Enemy and N.W.A. You can hear the depth of their production in his own music, in addition to Boom bap forefathers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier. 

Clearly, there is a lot to love about "The Journey"β€”and lucky for us, Superior's only just getting started. "The Journey" drops February 17 through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Below System Records, and will be available on vinyl in limited quantities.


released February 17, 2017 

- Produced by Superior 
- All cuts/scratches by DJ Sean, except track 12 by DJ Grazzhoppa 
- Outro vocals at track 3 by Anthony Grant 
- Mixed and Mastered by Werner Niedermeier 
- Artwork by Hagen Plieninger

What if America was never a democracy but a monarchy? It's modern day America but under the rule of a descendant of George Washington.


In an Alternate Version of History...

What if America had never been a democracy but instead a monarchy? It's modern day America but under the rule of a descendant of George Washington named Prince Geoffrey...

And guarded by knights against rebel forces for democracy that seek to overthrow the monarchy.

In Chapter One, we are introduced to the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom of America, Prince Geoffrey, as he deals with the threat of rebel forces for democracy attempting to smuggle guns back into America after having been banned for more than a decade..


The seriousness of the rebels as a threat has reached a fevered pitch and the Prince is determined to make a statement about his sovereignty to all...

With one impulsive and declarative act, the war for the United Kingdom of America began...

However, in Chapter Two, after the execution of the rebel insurgent, Benedictine Arnold, Prince Geoffrey was forced to deal with the consequences of his actions as tensions in the Kingdom rose... 


This is the home of the brave and land of the free like you've never seen it... JOIN THE KINGDOM!!!

Why America's Kingdom?

America's Kingdom has been in the making and shaping process for over 15 years. The idea was birthed in undergrad and I've been writing it ever since - going through a lot of revisions and different mediums to culminate finally in comic book/graphic novel form and a novelization. The story itself is about the human condition as seen through the lens of social order and consequently civil unrest. History has given us some of the most fascinating stories and the human beings that have interacted within this reality/story have been the vehicles by which [we] have learned about ourselves and our world to either create more beauty or to lend hands to its destruction. America's Kingdom takes history and reshapes it, creating a world and an America that exists from the point where George Washington said "Yes!" to becoming king of the newly formed states instead of president (this actually took place - George Washington was actually asked to be king and he declined.) 

Campaign Ends Thu, March 2 2017

Do you love monsters? We love monsters so much we made them a 224 pg love letter. Monsters from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and more!


If you love monsters, this is our love letter to monsters of all kinds!

I love monsters because they can represent ANYTHING. They can represent people, places, things, or ideas. You can use them to tell a deep story or a fun one. I love Monsters Inc as much as I love Hellraiser, and I wanted to curate and anthology that showed my love of all types of monsters.

This book isn't just about monsters, though. It's also about the creators who worked on this book. I have a list of hundreds of creators I would love to work with in my career, and before this anthology existed collaborating with all of them would have been impossible. 

However, in an anthology I can work with a bunch of awesome creators at once. I can compile a team of 46 creators that have been on my bucket list and bring them together for one jam session. 


There's one more reason why this book is important. It's a way I can give something back to the fans who have followed us for so long. I've met so many fans of my work that love monsters as much as I do and I wanted to give them something incredible. Something they could treasure for the rest of their lives. Something that speaks to a little piece of their soul with a little piece of mine.

Monsters and Other Scary S%&t
is a love letter not only to monsters, but also to the creators and fans who made it possible. It's a glorious, 224-page hardcover ode to monsters. It's a love letter to monsters, from 30 creative teams who adore everything about monsters.


Check out a free 50+ page preview by clicking here.

Campaign Ends Fri, April 7 2017

If you're a fan of classic Indie comics, go no further than CE Publishing group., who have recently acquired distribution rights for the Harrier Comics collection from the UK. This is 80's indie comics at their finest, sci-fi, fantasy and horror from some of the industries, indie greats. Enjoy!

End Times of a Sunshine - 100 Copy LTD. Vinyl Pressing


Releasing their first project together, Anonymous & deeB come together to craft a unique and well balanced trip-hop experience. 

Vinyl purchase includes printed lyrics, free digital download and exclusive bonus instrumental track.

● You can still order copies even if we surpass the goal quantity
● The record will be pressed when we reach 100 units sold. The turnaround time from the moment the goal is reached is about 8 weeks
● You won't be billed until the pressing process begins


Thank you to everyone who downloads and makes a purchase of the record. We appreciate your overwhelming support and hope to continue our passion for making music. Much love to everyone! 


WHEN EVIL REIGNS - $5000 Feature horror film from 2006


It was a day like any other, but for a group of school friends it quickly becomes a desperate fight for survival when heavy rain turns those caught in the downpour into homicidal maniacs. Locked inside the school as violence erupts on the streets the group might think they are safe, but the infected are waiting for them just outside the poorly secured doors. And they want in...


This is my feature film I made with my brother between 1999 - 2006. It was how I got into film making and how I met a lot of the artists I have become friends with and since distributed in some form.  This entire film was shot for $5000 AUD, it was shot on 1 chip digital video, the original video quality, far less than that of any modern mobile phone.


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FIRST UP: 1 Million Downloads - The Mixtape


This MixTape was the catalyst for the creation of the Indie Selection site.

I had been using content distribution for a few years via torrents under the name MR.GRIM, as a means to help get some great indie artists out to the world.

Through that process, I got to know a number of them and we decided to put out a mix featuring a diverse collection of great tracks, showcasing their skills as MC's or Producers, in some cases both.

This was released a few years ago now and has received thousands of downloads, so these tracks are not the most current projects these artists are working on, for their latest releases, check out their respective social media pages and sites.

The torrent page I still host is well over 7.5 Million Downloads, maybe I can chat to them about another tape, but in the meantime, enjoy!

Please feel free to download, burn and re-post this mix. CLICK THE COVER TO DOWNLOAD

Lyrics and Vocals by junclassic, Cyrano Sinatra, Mega Ran, Insight, Billy Woods, K-Sise, Raw Poetic Produced by Willie Green, K-Murdock, Ravage, IV The Polymath, Damu The Fudgemunk, Cynergy Soundz, Husky
Cover Art by MR.GRIM
year: 2011
age range: 15+ file
type & size: MP3 - 320 (171mb)